Mission Driven Sites

Web Team Led by
Marie Gress,

Trained in non-profit management and experienced in inclusive user experience and web design, Marie coaches the team in keeping your site efficient, affordable, and mission-driven.

“From my experience, the user is the most important component of the site design and interface. Together, let’s take the time to get to know your users.”

Marie Gress, LMSW-Macro

About Our Practice

Mission Driven Sites exists because we believe non-profits of all sizes can operate their own modern website.

But we recognize the overwhelm of imagery, copy, and user journeys as well as the ongoing tweaks needed. We’ll look at what you have so far and give you honest feedback and an affordable quote for our services.

Evan, Dejia, and Ian are currently two associates assisting with these services. We also leverage social work and management interns, typically employing 5 in a given semester.

Mission Driven Sites is an initiative sponsored by Kovir LLC.

Our Promise To You


All sites are equipment with accessible solutions and meet accessibility requirements. If you are an agency who primarily serves older adults or people with disabilities, our partners at AccessiBe offer their solution for no additional cost to you.

Person Centered

Instead of making your website a ultra-detailed brochure, we believe your site should be designed and usable by your target audience to empower your audience is taking your desired next step to meet your mission.


Not only are we prompt rely-ers and action takers, but we are here for your team to get extra training on how to use the solutions we help you put in place.
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